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PASPA Awards

The members of PASPA are dedicated to serving in their field with the high quality of leadership and professionalism that each student, school district, and intermediate unit deserves. PASPA has two awards for outstanding service in the roles of Human Resources Administration.

William K. Dowler Award
for Excellence in Human Resources Administration

PASPA recognizes the importance of excellence and professionalism in the field of School Human Resources. William K. Dowler was one of the founders and a charter member of the Pennsylvania Association of School Personnel Administrators. Bill was the consummate personnel professional, combining great technical knowledge with excellent "people" skills. He was always willing to share this expertise with other practitioners in the field. Bill Dowler set the benchmark that the Pennsylvania Association of School Administrators recognizes as a goal for all of its members.

The purpose of the award is to recognize a practicing school personnel/HR professional who is a member of the association. This individual will possess qualities and skills most often demonstrated by an outstanding personnel administrator. The award, when given, is presented at the annual conference. 


Please consider nominating a PASPA colleague who exemplifies the qualities for which this special recognition is intended. 

dowler 2020
2020 presentation of the Dowler Award by Ed Margolis to Dr. Dennis L. Riker

Past Recipients

2020 Dr. Dennis L. Riker
2019 Dr. Robert Harney

2018 Beth Leiss

2017 William Addy

2016 Bob Reger

2015 Dr. Koslo-Stahl

2012 Nancy Tischer

2011 Ian Strachan

2008 Jane Webster Mansuy

2007 Kim Talipan

2006 Patricia Valentine

2004 John Hewlett

2003 Dr. Joseph Bender

2002 John Fraser

2001 John W. Knebl

2000 David J. Sheneman

1999 Craig von Behren

1998 Elizabeth A. Weber

1997 Cathleen R. Rannels

1996 Dr. A. Richard Pitcock

1995 William A. Kearns

PASPA President's Award


The PASPA President's Award recognizes exceptional leadership in the human resources profession and is presented by the current PASPA president.

Elizabeth Leiss, 2020

Todd Stitzel, 2018

Jeffrey Sultanik, Esq. 2017

Chris Antis, 2016

George DeCaro 2014

Jane Webster Mansuy 2012

Jeanne Pocalyko, SPHR 2011

Susan Stewart 2010

Flip Steinour 2009

Jean Rollo 2008

Judi Boren 2007


Kim Talipan 2006
Dr. James Antis 2005

David J. Sheneman 2004

John Knebl 2003

Dr. Deborah Kolonay 2002

Carol H. Shaw 2001

John Knebl 2000

Susan Stewart 1999

Dr. Elizabeth Weber 1998

Don Mincher 1997

Dr. James Kermes 1996

Dr. A. Richard Pitcock 1994

President's Award presented by PASPA President, Jeanne Pocalyko to the 2020 recipient Elizabeth Leiss

1020 New Holland Avenue, Lancaster, PA 17601